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"As an experimental filmmaker, I want to have the freedom to physically manipulate film, using different hands-on techniques to change perception and time in the image and to play with ideas of unity and disunity. In my images, I do not want to work with facts linked to each other in a linear process, in which one event leads logically to another. I am interested in the 'crisis of truth,' the dreams, and the complications in

time and perception where the body is no longer motivated by linearity."
Eliane Lima, MFA /MA Art and Ideas 2012: San Francisco Art Institute, (San Francisco, 2012), 68.

"...My objective as an artist is to provoke critical thinking. As an instructor, I endeavor to support the entire process by transforming the classroom into a production event.  To achieve the goal of making the learning process a progressive journey, I divide the student assessments between theory, discussion seminars, and production. In so doing, I strive to create a positive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and engagement with the subject.  My aim is to fully support the learning process as I encourage students to become familiar with the combination of theory and practice in their field..."  Eliane Lima, Teacher Statement 2013.

Nominated 2018 NewFilmmaker Los Angeles, Best New Media

Winner SF Weekly MASTERMINDS 2012​​​​​

San Francisco Art Institute Outstanding Graduate Award 2012

BU Cinema Scholarship in Honor of Professor Kenneth Jacobs 2010

Lima holds a Bachelor of Arts from Binghamton University, State University of New York

and two Master of Fine Arts degrees, from the San Francisco Art Institute and the

California Institute of The Arts.​



Artist Statement

Brazilian-American artist who primarily works with film, video, and performance in the realms of femininity.

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